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    2022 Crop Season

    Enhance MC has been applied on 1000s of acres of Hemp, but our full Certified Organic and Hybrid nutrient programs have shown excellent results on 100’s of acres throughout the country. Our products are not just about hemp, we apply them to avocados, alfalfa, corn, soybeans, citrus, nuts, all types of lettuce, greens, and most other produce. We have helped a lot of backyard gardens as well…

    GLB Crop Management Services

    * Soil and water testing analysis for all crops including Hemp also address soil issues including salt mitigation, soil integrity, weed, disease and pest pressures.


    Organic Post Harvest/Pre-Plant Amendments

    One of the most critical aspects to farming that is not fully understood is the digestion of prior year plant residue so it can return to the soil to be used the following year as well as mineralizing nutrients, so they are available for your plants.  Manures, and cover crops used to add additional nitrogen to the field must be mineralized and if not, they are not readily available to the plants.  The proper microbial complex makes a difference in mineralization as well as reducing pest and weed pressure in your fields. Once the fields are prepared to plant and if the famer has tilled, the microbial community is displaced and can cost yield potential if not properly replace at the time of planting or before. The following amendments can help with all the problems above with regards to prepping the fields for success.


    Organic Soil Detox & Remediation

    Organically Remove Heavy Metals, Salts, Petroleum Based Herbicides and Fertilizers and Soil Borne Disease while balancing the soil.

    Commercial Organic Regenerative Practices

    Create commercial recycled soil programs.  All growers should be recycling soils.  Many microbial products in bottles cause issues once you start to recycle soils due to yeasts, poor production quality or other ingredients that are not complementary with your soil.  Many microbe and fungal products do not understand exactly what they are adding and in some cases on name brands they have microorganisms that are antagonistic to other organisms in the same bottle.  Our organic chemist has been growing microbes for over 35 years.


    Pre-Plant or Post Harvest Amendments

    1) Dry Organic Matter

    2) GLB Digester Microbial


    In Season Organic Amendments & Nutrients

    1) GLB Breeders Select  Organic Seed Treatment

    2) GLB Roots 3-1-1 – Rooting Concentrate and Clone Dip (new formulation coming soon)

    3) Enhance MC Microbial –  (Enhance MC Kelp-  Coming Soon)

    4) Liquid Organic Matter – OMRI Listed

    5) GLB Fish 5-0.75-1

    6) 3-0-0 Amino Acid

    7) Organic Sugar (May 2022)

    8) Organic Liquid PK   (late 2022)

    9) Organic Micronutrients (May 2022)

    10) Consulting to find local proper additional Organic PK and micronutrients or custom organic products for certified organic farms.


    GLB Clean – Mineral Based Nutrients

    All mineral based products have a 0.03% or less sodium to make the highest availability product possible as well as heavy metals reduced or removed.  See for breakdown of all heavy metals.  Our GLB Clean has fewer heavy metals than most organic amendments, manures or compost on the market.  You should know what’s in your products before you buy.

    GLB Clean

    1) 10-10-10,  (6.5-5-5 half amino acid blend)

    2) 0.5-17-17 Bloom Accelerant PK Booster

    3) GLB Micro 0.30-0-0 micronutrient

    4) GLB Brix57 Sugar Supplement

    5) 9.5% Calcium

    6) 2.5% Magnesium 3-0-9

    7) 21%/17% Calcium Sulfur Humate Pebble

    Note – We do not publish several organic and conventional products as we only use as needed to clients that we have consulted on their soil and water reports through GLB Crop Management.  These products are only available direct to farm.


    All Pictures are of Hemp using GLB Nutrients

    For information on Product Updates, Giveaways and Beta Testing opportunities of new products please submit your email address below. Thank you for your time, GreenLife Biotics Research Team