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    Indoor Amendments

    Products for 2022

    Certified Organic Hemp



    Indoor GLB Amendments


    Sold Individual or in Pack for all type for fruits. vegetables and flowers.


    All products can be added as an amendment and not change your current program.

    1) Enhance MC Microbial – 0.25 mL per gallon Hydro/Daily Feed or 0.5 mL per gallon Every Other Day Feed.  This will help with several functions including uptake of nutrients.  OR


    1a) Enhance MC Kelp Microbial – 0.25 mL per gallon Hydro/Daily Feed or 0.5 mL per gallon Every Other Day Feed.  Tproduct was created for folair use in the Veg state, as well as early seeding and soil growers that only top dress their plants and do not want the nutrients in their soil so available so to use up the nutreints in the pot too fast. EMC Kelp has a reduced fulvic acid down to 0.2% and increased kelp.


    2) GLB Micro DS –  Straight soil with no liquid nutrient or powdered nutrient program cannot handle Enhance MC at higher doses without additional micronutrients as Enhance MC will pull up more micro nutrients into your plants due to the 6% fulvic acid.  If you see a deficiency, or would like better secondary metabolites (flavonoids, terpenes and trichomes) use at 0.1 mL per gallon Hydro/Daily Feed, 0.2 mL per gallon Every Other Day Feed or  0.5 mL every 5 days.  IN all cases it works out to the same 0.7 mL per gallon ever 7 days but we really do not like to go a week as the microbes will use the micronutrients in part as a food source and it may make your pots dry out too fast if used only 1 time a week. We do not recommend using over ever 5 day max.


    3) GLB Brix57 – 1 mL Hydro/Daily Feed or 2 mL Every Other Day Feed.


    4) Optional- Bloom Accelerant 0.5-17-17 PK Booster – 0.03% sodium low ppms – 1-3 mL per gallon Hydro/Daily Feed or 2-6 mL per gallon Every Other day Feed but the every other day feed due to larger numbers may conflict with high salt nutrients and we recommend keeping ppms (parts per million) under 1500-1600 total with all nutrients.  Some salty nutrients if the full 6 mL, every other day,  will lock out or start to have issues with too high ppms.  


    5) Optional- Liquid Organic Matter – This product has effects on all secondary metabolites. (Can Only be used in Mix and Feed application) Dry Organic Matter to be used in certain reservoir based systems in medium.  0.5-3 mL per gallon in Daily to Every Other Day Feeds


    5) Optional- Roots2Shoots – info coming soon


    Enhance MC Microbial 


    We will side by side with any microbial on the market or homemade tea.  Some like the process of crafting their teas and we are all for those that love to do it, but we have created one of the cleanest microbial products on the market and it is a great add to teas as well. Enhance MC is a synergistic community of microorganisms, it lasts longer without excessive biofilm and is not made with yeasts of any type so it will not hurt using as a foliar spray, we recommend it.

    Enhance MC Microbial has nitrogen fixing and phosphate solubilizing microbes that help to make nitrogen and phosphorous more available.  It also contains microbes that break down cellulose, so it helps to clean up dead roots and 6% of our fulvic acid as well. Our 6% of fulvic acid is stronger than most and we stand by that.  Enhance MC is used at a max 1 mL for super soil or 0.5 ml for soilless per gallon on mix and feed program 3 times a week, and 0.15-0.25 mL per gallon on reservoir-based systems.

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    GLB Brix57


    GLB Brix57 is used at only 7 mL per gallon of water PER WEEK so 1 mL Hydro/Daily Feed or 2 mL Every Other Day Feed and you can replace up to 30-45 mL of molasses.  This proprietary carbohydrate product has a longer life cycle than molasses but is for shorter bursts needed to ramp up microorganism activity.   When used in combination with our Enhance MC Microbial you will see higher quality trichomes and resin than what you see with molasses.  If used in conjunction with Liquid Organic Matter, it sustains our microorganisms even longer needing less applications.  Our original testers didn’t think it would make a difference….and they changed their mind after using it.

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    Liquid Organic Matter


    This product is formulated from mined lignite ore, but to understand what all the things it does please click on the label below to be directed to more information.  The ore is pulled apart and put back together in a way that in the field allows for some uncommon results.  The mined ore is a long chain carbon, an excellent food source for microbes, but much more.

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    GLB Clean Mineral Based Products



    GLB Clean Micro DS


    Current testing is showing that the application rate indoors is 1 mL per gallon of water 1 time a week for an amendment to other companies’ nutrients or 3 times a week for a full GLB nutrient line. It raises the secondary metabolites of your plants and you can see a noticeable difference in plants if used as an amendment when using other companies full nutrient lines.

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    GLB Clean Bloom Accelerant  0.5-17-17


    This product is made from ammoniacal nitrogen, phosphoric acid, and potassium hydroxide however we have pulled out salts (0.03% sodium) to make a product that does not burn, is very clean and is an excellent PK booster to add to other nutrient lines even though it is our only source of P & K in our line.  It works properly even at the start of flower at such high numbers due to the way it is put together.

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