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    Indoor Line

    Products for 2021

    Certified Organic Hemp

    Serpent Oil Indoor Line


    Why Serpent Oil?  The biggest difference in our products is the fact our nutrients have had all the unnecessary salts pulled out of them, and are formulated to reduce biotic and abiotic stresses.  The salts are reduced to create the highest plant availability and nutrient efficiency. You don’t understand how a plant reacts to low salts until you start using them. Why Serpent Oil?  We can run our line at 7.0-7.2 pH, we don’t use PPM or EC meters.  How is that possible?  If our nutrients are truly available to the plant we do not need to lower the pH to make sure they do not lock out… facts.  If you use a PPM meter you will over fertilize as it registers in part the salts in your nutrients.   It doesn’t make sense to those who have been growing for years. On face value, no grower believes the quality and not following standards that have been around for decades…. the problem…. those standards are for salt based nutrients which is over 99% of the industry.


    6 part system


    1.) Enhance MC Microbial (Organic)

    2.) Liquid Organic Matter – Humates (Organic)

    3.) GLB 10-10-10 (GLB Clean Mineral)

    4.) Bloom Accelerant 0.5-17-17 PK Booster (GLB Clean Mineral)

    5.) GLB Micro DS  0.30-0-0 Diluted Solution 1 mL per gallon or GLB Micro Concentrate- 6-0-0  1 mL per 20 gallons of water  (GLB Clean Mineral)

    6.) GLB Brix57 – 57% sugar max 0.75-1.5 ml 1 time a week  (All Natural Non GMO plant based)

    Additional products only with GLB program in testing

    7) 2.5% Flower Mag   3-0-9

    8) 9.5% Calcium

    9) Dry Organic Matter to be used in place of Liquid Organic Matter in Coco or Peat based soils for additional quality and secondary metabolites.

    10) Dry humate pebbles infused with 21% Calcium 17% Sulfur


    GLB Amendments for other nutrients programs.


    *****We recommend to use GLB amendments and apply to your current line to test what we can do.****


    1) Enhance MC Microbial – 1.5 mL total per week for a mix and feed, this will help with a number of functions including uptake of nutrients. 0.15-0.21 mL per gallon of water for reservoir or deep water culture hydroponics.  (0.21 mL per gallon for 7 gallons equals 1.5 mL)

    2) GLB BRix57 –  3 mls total per week as a mix and feed or 0.3-0.5 mL per gallon in a hydroponic system. (0.42 mL per gallon  for 7 gallons equals 3 mL)

    3) Liquid Organic Matter – This product has effects on all secondary metabolites including terpenes and trichomes. ( Can Only be used in Mix and Feed application)

    4) Optional –  GLB Micro –  as Enhance MC will pull up more micro nutrients into your plants due to the fulvic acid if you see a deficiency or would like better secondary metabolites use at 1 ml per gallon 1 time a week for mix and feed and 0.15 mL per gallon for reservoir based systems.


    Enhance MC Microbial 


    We will side by side with any microbial on the market or homemade tea.  Some like the process of crafting their teas and we are all for those that love to do it, but we have created one of the cleanest microbial products on the market and it is a great add to teas as well. Enhance MC is a synergistic community of microorganisms, it lasts longer without excessive biofilm and is not made with yeasts of any type so it will not hurt using as a foliar spray. We actually recommend it.

    Enhance MC Microbial has nitrogen fixing and phosphate solubilizing microbes that help to make nitrogen and phosphorous more available.  It also contains microbes that break down cellulose, so it helps to clean up dead roots and 6% of our Fulvic acid as well. Our 6% of Fulvic Acid is stronger than most and we stand by that, we don’t recommend more than 1 mL to a gallon of water outside of cloning. We use Enhance MC at 3 mL per gallon in the cloning process as well as 0.15-1 mL per gallon during veg and flower. What we find is that once we complement this community of microbes with our sugars and long chain carbon in our Liquid Organic Matter the plants want to feed to a much higher degree. Observe when you start to see trichomes, which when using the whole system is as early as day 18 of flower.

    Enhance MC is used at 1 mL for super soil or 0.5 ml for soilless per gallon on mix and feed 3 times a week and 015-0.25 mL per gallon on reservoir based systems. There is max pricing once it gets into your local hydroponic shop, so it can only be sold for a max $130 per gallon and discount pricing for commercial operations. This retail pricing is for hydroponic stores and is not the same as our large commercial farm direct pricing where 1 gallon covers 8 acres in the field.


    Label  –Enhance MC Microbial–

    Pricing including Shipping  Contact for Commercial Pricing

    8 oz.       $25.00

    32 oz.      $55.00

    Contact for 1 gallon and above.  All products sold based on individual bottles/cases, and tiered pricing for pallet volumes. Contact for more information.



    GLB Nutrient Tester used on a completely separate line of nutrients and only tested molasses vs BRix57

    “The Brix57 extends the trichomes all over and are heavy cake layered, as the molasses is just an even coating that stays close to the buds. Also the molasses stems are weak as hell unlike the Brix57, not sure what’s up with that but the Brix57 will go down the stem from node to node.”


    GLB Brix57


    GLB Brix57 is used at only  3 mL per gallon of water PER WEEK as the max amount and you can replace up to 10-15 mL of molasses.  This carbohydrate product is for shorter bursts needed to ramp up microbial and microorganism activity. It is not made of sugar cane or sugar beat. We have four separate food sources for our microbial community in the entire line, but this is not like anything you have ever used.  It is made from a very clean plant based all-natural fructose and dextrose.  As with all our products we don’t say much about our snake oil, but there is nothing additional except for sugars in this bottle, it’s just some of, if not the cleanest form, of short chain sugar in the industry and when used in combination with our Enhance MC Microbial you will see trichomes nothing like what you see with molasses.  If used in conjunction with Liquid Organic Matter it sustains our microorganisms longer needing less applications.  Our original testers didn’t think it would make a difference….and they changed their mind after using it. This product has the equivalent of at least 6.4 pounds of dry sugar per gallon and the carbohydrate content is over 57%.  This is an amendment and should not be the only food source for your microbes if using outside of the Serpent Oil Line.

    We  recommend using 3 mL per gallon per week for mix and feed each grower should test starting at lower rates. We will side by side vs any molasses.

    GLB Brix57 General Feeding Schedule

    Mix and Feed application

    Day 17-21 until Flush  depending on strain as you may have large internodal spacing if used during the stretch of your plant.

    3 mL per gallon per week.


    0.30 -.50 mL per gallon of water.  Start at a lower amount and work up to make sure that the sugar does not create such a high microbial activity in hydroponics that it makes the plant need additional food.   This can be used in conjunction with Enhance MC microbial in Deep Water Culture systems and Reservoirs.

    Pricing – Contact for Commercial Pricing

    8 oz.       $8.00 plus partial shipping

    32 oz.      $24.00 shipping included

    Contact for 1 gallon and above.  All products sold based on individual bottles/cases, and tiered pricing for pallet volumes. Contact for more information.

    Liquid Organic Matter


    This product is formulated from mined lignite ore and is a 12% humic acid.  The ore is pulled apart and put back together in a way that in the field allows for some uncommon results.  The mined ore is a long chain carbon, an excellent food source for microbes as well and that’s all we will give away about this product. This product allows us to manipulate the watering schedule as well.  We have found higher quality of secondary metabolites associated with this product.  We would like to see watering at 3 times a week so depending on environment and soil we will move this product either up or down to get us to the every other day feeding.  2-5 mLs 3 times a week and is used in mix and feed applications.


    GLB Clean 10-10-10


    This product is made from ammoniacal nitrogen, phosphoric acid and potassium hydroxide however we have pulled out salts (0.03% sodium) to make a product that does not burn, is very clean.   It works properly even at the start of flower at such high numbers due to the way it is put together.  2-2.5 mL 3 times a week in Veg and  Flower.


    GLB Clean Micro


    Current testing is showing that the application rate indoors is 1 mL per gallon of water 1 time a week for an amendment to other companies nutrients or 3 times a week for a full GLB nutrient line. It raised the secondary metabolites of your plants and you can see an noticeable difference in plants if used as an amendment when using other companies full nutrient lines.



    GLB Clean Bloom Accelerant  0.5-17-17


    This product is made from ammoniacal nitrogen, phosphoric acid and potassium hydroxide however we have pulled out salts (0.03% sodium) to make a product that does not burn, is very clean and is an excellent PK booster to add to other nutrient lines even though it is our only source of P & K in our line.  It works properly even at the start of flower at such high numbers due to the way it is put together.  0.5 mL 3 times a week in Veg. 4-7 mL 3 times a week in flower. As a note we do not use any PK Boosters with High CBD Hemp unless the genetics have been proven stable


    For information on Product Updates, Giveaways and Beta Testing opportunities of new products please submit your email address below. Thank you for your time, GreenLife Biotics Research Team