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    Our Products


    GLB Organic




    Enhance MC Microbial



    Propagation, Grow & Bloom Enhancer, Flush Finisher





    Enhance MC Microbial has nitrogen fixing and phosphate solubilizing microbes that help to make nitrogen and phosphorous more available.  It also contains microbes that break down cellulose, so it helps to clean up dead roots and 6% of GLB fulvic acid. Our 6% of fulvic acid is stronger than most and we stand by that.  Enhance MC is used at a max 0.5-1 mL for super soil and 0.5 ml for soilless per gallon on mix and feed program 3 times a week, and only 015-0.25 mL per gallon on reservoir-based systems.  The benefit of the fulvic is we can pull more into your plant than any other microbial but that also means you must have the proper micronutrients if you are looking to “push soil” as we say. If you are just looking for the microbial aspects use as a pre plant or at lower doses of 1 mL per gallon of water max per week in soil and 0.15 mL in hydroponic set ups.


    When Flushing nutrients and salts from plant pots we find that using Enhance MC in Flush can create a cleaner finish for Hemp Flowers.



    Liquid Organic Matter




    Humates, Biotic & Abiotic Stress Reducer and Much More




    Liquid Organic Matter is formulated from mined oxidized lignite, but to understand what all the things it does please click on the label below to be directed to more information. The ore is pulled apart and put back together in a way that allows for some uncommon results. The mined ore is a long chain carbon, an excellent food source for microbes, but much more.  It helps with biotic and abiotic stresses including reducing transplant shock as well as visibility raising secondary metabolites on your plants.




    Dry Organic Matter



    Base ingredient for our Liquid Organic Matter




    Dry Organic Matter has always been a field product for abiotic and biotic stress raising the quality of all crops it’s applied too, but we found there are situations that for indoor hydroponic and reservoir based systems that our Liquid Organic Matter is too organic.  Liquid Organic Matter works great in the field but the lines are flushed after application so there is not a residue build up.  Within indoor settings, where you never flush the lines and nutrients are pushed every watering, we needed something else to give the organic taste to indoor products.  





    GLB Digester



    Pre-Plant, In Season and Post-Harvest




    GLB Digester was originally created by our organic chemist to break down corn stocks in the field as well as mineral composts and manures faster but what he also understood was that he could change soil tilth but so much more.  What he understood decades ago was plant residue left in the fields can not only cause a place for disease to live but also pests, especially in No Till farms.  But that is just the start of it as we have also found in season benefits so click on the link below for more information.



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    GLB Fulvic 20



    Nutrient Uptake



    We make a stronger conventional fulvic acid but our Organic 20% fulvic acid is one of the strongest on the market so there is no real need.  There is 6% of our organic fulvic in our Enhance MC which brings about additional benefits.  Some might have higher percentages but because of the potency we can only use exceedingly small amounts indoors and at only 6-8oz per acre in the field. 



    GLB Roots



    Organic Clone Dip and Root Coat





    GLB Roots is an organic root coat to be used as a clone dip as well as a seedling start and transplant amendment to promote growth. It is also recommended to be used as a microbial food source in conjunction with Enhance MC microbes for cloning.




    May 1, 2021


    GLB Fish 5-1-2


    GLB Fish 5-1-2 is made the same way it always was made but our last fish was a combination of our fish and our amino acid based nitrogen.  Due to Covid, our group that does our fishing for our organic chemist closed and we had to stop producing until just recently so our fish will be coming out in late January.


    Our GLB Fish is still made the same way!

    Cold Homogenized – we do not add heat or solvents to breakdown of fish.

    No Bones & No Fish SH*T

    Fillet of fish broken down through an enzymatic process.


    3-0-0 Amino Acid


    GLB 3-0-0 is an organic nitrogen that is amino acid based and is immediately available to the plant.  This form of nitrogen is an excellent foliar as well as in soil source.  For those that don’t understand farming this doesn’t mean much, but for those who do, this nitrogen source does not volatize off or leach out of the soil. These are the two biggest problems with all forms of nitrogen for big agriculture and many Big Ag nutrient companies are still searching for how to make it…they just don’t know it’s already been created. 



    GLB Fish 5-1-2 and 3-0-0 Amino acid are only for field operations currently. 





    All Natural






    GLB Brix57




    Raises Brix Levels, Secondary Metabolites, Resin Content




    GLB Brix57 is used at only 0.40-0.50 ml per gallon in reservoir based systems or 1-3 mL per gallon of water PER WEEK while replacing up to 10-15 mL of molasses.  This carbohydrate product is for shorter bursts needed to ramp up microbial and microorganism activity but sustains longer than molasses. It is not made of sugarcane or sugar beets. Growers see higher greasy resin content and is made from a very clean plant based all-natural fructose and dextrose created by our organic chemist.  As with all our products we don’t say much about our snake oil, but there is nothing additional except for sugars in this bottle, it’s just some of, if not the cleanest form, of short*medium chain sugar in the industry and when used in combination with our Enhance MC Microbial you will see trichomes nothing like what you see with molasses.






    GLB Clean


    Mineral Based Nutrients












    *Concentrated application rates at 2-3 mL 3 times a week max for mix and feed.

    *As an Amendment for other nutrient lines adds very little ppm (parts per million) to nutrient solution

    *Does Not Add Excess Salts – 0.03% Sodium 

    *Does Not Kill Microorganisms

    *Does Not Act like 99.9% of the Salt Based Nutrient Industry.







    Bloom Accelerant 0.5-17-17


    *GLB Clean 0.5-17-17 PK Booster is one of the cleanest PK boosters on the market. 

    *As an Amendment for other nutrient lines adds very little ppm (parts per million) to nutrient solution

    *Does Not Add Excess Salts – 0.03% Sodium 

    *Does Not Kill Microorganisms

    *Does Not Act like 99.9% of the Salt Based Nutrient Industry.






    GLB Micro DS Micronutrient




    *The most available Micronutrient on the market at 3 mL per gallon max per week.  

    *As an Amendment cleans up every other nutrient line to give proper micronutrients to raise quality of plants.

    *Does Not Add Excess Salts – 0.01% Sodium 

    *Does Not Kill Microorganisms

    *Does Not Act like over 99.9% of the Salt Based Nutrient Industry.




    GLB Calcium 8 & 2.5% Magnesium 3-0-9



    We created a separate calcium 8 (technically 9.65%) and a 2.5% Magnesium.  We made separate products as we found that when using some LED lights, a higher amount of Magnesium is being used so growers have more control over what they are using and what they need depending on the circumstance.  Due to the magnesium having a 3-0-9, we lower our other nitrogen sources in our GLB line to accommodate for the 3 N in the 2.5% Mg.



    Only available with the Full Serpent Oil Line, not available to be bought separately at this time.



    Research  & Development




    Organic pH Down  2022

    Organic Pesticide 2022

    Organic Clone Dip – May 2021

    Dry Organic NPK – 2022

    Organic Micro Nutrient – 2022