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Enhance MC

Microbial Chelator

Our Story

Where did GreenLife Biotics come from? It sounds like a joke… what did the agronomist say when he walked into a hydroponics shop? But the only thing he laughed at that day was the quality and price of some of the products. Don’t blame the hydroponics shops, many nutrient companies’ prices are just…. excessive.

It all started when we brought our agronomist/organic chemist, who has been making organic nutrients for over 30 years and products are sold in over 15 countries, into a hydroponics shop.

On the shelf were any number of high priced NPK fertilizers, and as he picked a nitrogen product up with a list price of $299.00 for a 2.5-gallon container, he was shocked. He actual responded, “I can buy 1 ton of this ingredient in dry form for $200, and from that ton I can make 200 gallons of this and pull the salts out of it.”

Though our products are used for all agriculture and horticulture use, the initial focus is nutrient efficiency in soil, soilless mediums and hydroponics settings.

We feel that as more is being produced in greenhouses, in many cases, the more synthetic our food is becoming.  Organic greenhouse tomatoes look perfect but many seem to have less taste and nutritional value. In addition, though a main focus is related to complete life cycles grown in greenhouses we are also concentrating on the commercial propagation for field crops including industrial hemp.

Commercial farm operations start millions of seeds and clones in greenhouses every year before transplanting. One of GreenLife Biotics’ goals is to streamline the process to not only create healthier stronger seedlings and clones but save significant time and money through nutrient efficiency. We strive to help everyday gardeners as well as commercial operations understand the value of properly addressing plant and soil health, which directly correlates to better quality and yields.

The first building block is proper biology through our Enhanced MC microbial chelator, from there it will be a complete nutrient efficient growth system that is 100% available to the plant and contains virtually no salts.

Though these products have been used for years on crops 2018 was the first full season in relation to industrial hemp in preparation for our Hemp Soil Consulting in 2019.  The products may be newly formulated for greenhouse growing, including industrial hemp, but the ingredients used to make up all GreenLife Biotics products have been used on much more than 100,000 acres yearly.  Enhance MC will be the first of many GreenLife Biotics products that change the hydroponic nutrient industry price point for the industry.  At the end of the day growers shouldn’t have to pay what they have been paying for quality nutrients.  Our goal is to put out the best product at the best price.

Stay tuned….

Thank you for visiting our site and come back to see our advancements,

Tony Adza
GreenLife Biotics Inc.