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    GLB Fulvic 20

    Organic 20% Fulvic Acid




    Our Fulvic 20 is used to chelate nutrients and uptake them into plants in the field and indoors.  It also has translaminar properties so works great in a foliar spray with other nutrients.  There are other benefits seen from a foliar aspect, but we don’t talk about all the benefits unless dealing direct with growers at this time. Only farmers and growers that have worked with us do we sell the full strength Fulvic 20 due to how sensitive a product it is.  If used improperly, it can stress a crop by pulling up nutrients without the proper micronutrient support.  A GLB representative must recommend use at proper dosage due to its strength.





    Indoor – Flush





    GLB Fulvic 20 is pulled from humates and found in naturally oxidized lignite ore.  Some of our competitors make a fulvic that takes 5,10, or even 20 mL per gallon of water.  If we used any of those numbers with our GLB Fulvic 20 we would cannibalize your plant.  Indoors, the only time we use straight GLB Fulvic 20 is during flush, to help finish and flush plants for a clean smoke of hemp flower. There is disagreement if flushing a plant really makes a difference.  You can’t really flush a plant grown outside, giving it excess water actually stresses the plant.  Indoors, some growers state it’s flushing salts, some say it’s flushing nutrients.  Though it could be a combination of the two, a third opinion is the more nutrients are used during the flush as the plants have nothing else to pull from except the plant itself.  The more nutrients, including chlorophyll, are pulled out the cleaner the taste will be.


    What we found was when growers used our Fulvic 20 at 2 mL per gallon or 6 mL of Enhance MC (6% Fulvic) per gallon, it helps to clean the extra nutrients out of the plant creating a cleaner smoke.  When using the entire GLB line we find that we really do not need a long flush if cutting the nitrogen over the last two weeks prior to flushing, so the plant has less nitrogen and chlorophyll at the time of flush.  Those growers that like a green leaf flower at the end might notice that it takes longer to flush the nitrogen out of the plant if pushing to the very end.




    Indoor Application




    Indoor – Flush – Flushing plants with water and 1-2 mL Fulvic 20 can be as short as 2-4 days or as long as over a week.  GLB believes in shorter flushing times with more time to apply nutrients until the end.  In our lines we cut the nitrogen in half 2 weeks before flush and completely cut it out the last week before flush.  This is to allow more of the nitrogen that has been pulled into the plant to be used up so the chlorophyll and other nutrients are used up in ongoing processes.





    Field Application



    Must have a GLB Representative to recommend application rate specific to property.


    Soil – 6-8 oz. of Fulvic 20 is the maximum amount if used in the soil for drip.  16-32 oz. if used in field.


    Foliar – 16-32 oz with 10 gallons of water