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    Cold Homogenized GLB Fish 5-0.75-1

         Our GLB Fish is not like the rest of the market.  The fishmeal is actually only the fish meat, so no blood, guts, bones or feces.  By not bringing any of the parts that can have non beneficial microorganisms or disease we have some of the cleanest fish fertilizer on the market. The fish is fished for this product, we do not use by-products from other industries or revenues streams.  As a note, there is nothing wrong with making money off of by-products, but the quality shows when it comes to fish.  We don’t use leftovers for our plants, as we pride ourselves on our quality, all plants and vegetables that use our fish have a noticeable quality above and beyond.

         Now, we still recommend to shake the jug, but even if you don’t you won’t have the same problems with your crops as our competitors.  Too often we have seen small farmers get a 275 gallon tote of another lower quality fish that separates in the tank and they are not keeping it thoroughly mix while they pump it out, which is hard to do sometimes.  They blame their crop problems on other things until they realize, fish separates, and if not mixed properly it can ruin a crop.

         In addition, our fish has a proprietary cold homogenization.  As we only use ground meat that is farmed specifically for this product, we can enzymatically break it down and cold homogenize without any heat that would kill any of the beneficial microbes or use solvents to breakdown the bones like so many competitors and many times, those solvents are left in competitors’ products.

         For fruits and vegetables in the veg phase we use as a foliar and in the ground, and can be used as a supplement in flower as well.  For Hemp we use as a nitrogen and secondary metabolite supplement but not the main source of nitrogen as we have found other nitrogen sources create larger yields.





    Foliar  0.5-1 mL per gallon

    Secondary Metabolite Enhancer  1 mL per gallon

    Nitrogen source – 2-6 mL per gallon

    Outdoor Acreage 1/2-3 gallons per acre depending on crop timing and how applied.  Speak with a GLB Representative for more information.