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    Enhance MC


    Propagation, Field Pre-Plant, Grow & Bloom Enhancer

    Better Products Better Pricing -MSRP less than $0.02 per gallon of water - 0.5 mL per application Veg through Flower - 0.20 mL per gallon Hydro

    Cloning Solution- 3 mL per gallon of water or less

    8 acres to the gallon for field applications - 16 oz to the acre

    Organic and Safe for use in hydroponic and micro drip emitter systems

    GLB does not use yeasts or any Plant Growth Regulators (PGRs) banned or unbanned

    Organic and Safe for use in hydroponic and micro drip emitter systems

    Nitrogen Fixing Bacteria – pulls nitrogen from the atmosphere to help in propagation through bloom phase.

    Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria- unlocks phosphorus that is locked up in soil and salt-based nutrients.

    Cellulose Degradation- breaks down all dead cellulose which includes dead roots keeping the root system clean and turning the plant residue back into available nutrients for the plant.

    Salt Mitigation-bacteria that helps to mitigate salt which is an abiotic stress on the plants.

    6% Fulvic Acid helps to uptake micronutrients

    Organic Enhance MC- Microbial Chelator

    The end goal is nutrient efficiency, and how root systems uptake nutrients for a higher quality and yielding plant. At the end of the day, no matter how nice your roots looks, if your quality and yield are not better on the end product, you are wasting time, energy and money on products that are not giving you any more value than the one product in Enhance MC.

    So, what does Enhance MC do?

    Some microbial products throw microbes in their products that they don’t understand are antagonistic to each other in the same bottle.  Enhance MC microbes complement each other. Growers want high quality roots to make a high-quality product. They want to get rid of any dead or dying roots due to abiotic and biotic stresses, so it does not create additional issues with their plants. Growers also want the maximum amount of nutrients to uptake into their plants and we will talk about that below. And finally, we all want to pay a fair price for an excellent product. That’s what Enhance MC does.

    In addition, the original formulations were made to go through micro emitters in drip systems for field use without clogging up the lines, so it works just as well in hydroponics systems. Enhance MC is a very concentrated, clean microbial product and is worth having as a staple in every greenhouse, field, garden or lawn.


    Enhance MC has several specific functions we can talk about, like making nitrogen and phosphorous more readily available, breaks down dead roots and the 6% fulvic acid helps with nutrient uptake. Enhance MC has a number primary functions which include microbes that work as well or better in a greenhouse setting than in the field.

    Current Research Functions for Organic Enhance MC

    Helps to defend roots against disease through biology.

    Mitigates salt in the soil.

    Solubilizes phosphate making phosphate available for uptake by the plant.

    Holds nitrogen into the soil.

    Aids in nutrient uptake in the upper portion of the rhizosphere.

    Unlocks nutrients bound up in the soil for plant uptake.

    Breaks down dead cellulose from plant residue to keep roots clean.

    Why did we add GLB Fulvic Acid?



    GLB fulvic acid, which is one of the strongest in the industry, helps to uptake of nutrients to the point that it can make available more than what is the weakest link in your pot.  A normal plant will grow to the weakest link nutrient or micronutrient, meaning plants in soil or being fed a liquid nutrient regimen that do not have enough nutrients can look healthy but can be much smaller. When using our fulvic acid, if a micronutrient in most cases is lacking some of the nutrients will take off and add growth, but you will physically see the deficiency in the plant within a week 1-4 days if you do not understand your plant. Using high doses over 1.5 mL per gallon in a mix and feed or 0.20 mL in a reservoir-based system can cause your plant to be pushed higher and allow more in but again you may need to feed the plant nutrients at a heavier dose. It can even happen at lower doses if not using our micronutrient and that is why we recommend a lower amount for those with less than quality micronutrients in their nutrient lines. Therefore, it is important to pair Enhance MC with enough food in the plants. This can easily be corrected with raising the micronutrient application rates if the grower is wanting larger growth or reducing Enhance MC if wanting a smaller or less healthy plants.

    In addition, why should you have to buy a second or third product just because our competitors want to make you pay more? The goal of adding microbes is to raise the nutrient efficiency in your growing medium. If you can also help your microbes to convert nutrients more easily, then the faster they can be assimilated into the plant. One product to pull more nutrients into the plant but it does require the grower to understand if you are pulling more in, you need to have enough for the plant to uptake, or you will see deficiencies and blame your lack of understanding on Enhance MC. If you do not want the full pull of the fulvic acid use at even smaller doses and the microbes will do their job.




    Understanding how to use Enhance MC (6% Fulvic Acid)




    Indoors – When using Enhance MC with 6% Fulvic there are a few strategies for use.


    Just for the Microbes – If it is just for the microbial content use 0.5 mL per gallon max 1 time a 1-2 weeks.  This will allow the microbes to start expanding but will not open to much of the nutrients within the soil to be immediately available.


    Creating Full Nutrient Efficiency – used at 1.5 mL max per week (0.5 mL 3 times a week) this is the maximum recommended dosage while pushing the macro and micro nutrients.


    Pushing Soil – experienced users only – Super Soil growers and some indoor can push over 1.5 mL up to 3 mL max per week or more but it is based on experience using Enhance MC and understanding the amount of nutrients that are in the soil.  This is for advanced users only.  Even super soil growers would need additional micronutrient amendments.  We recommend GLB Micro DS as growers only need 1 mL 1 time a week as an amendment.  If really pushing or still see a deficiency, then move to 2 mL per week.     As a note, a soilless based grower using the GLB full line would normally apply 3 mL per gallon of water per week of the GLB Micro DS, but you may need to go a little higher as it is relational to the amount of Enhance MC (fulvic acid) being applied.





    Field Crop Management

    8 acres to the gallon - As our microbial chelator brings the proper biology into the field it helps to not only support the root system but it also allows many nutrients already in the ground or being applied to be optimized, creating a healthier overall crop. In cases where the fields have been over fertilized Enhance MC is nutrient efficient and can help to unlock some of those nutrients to be taken up by your plants. This nutrient efficiency may reduce some fertilization cost inputs and help to reduce nutrient run off into our watersheds and river systems. The same holds true for turf as well.

    Ornamental Horticulture (Floral and Landscaping)

    Floral and landscaping have the same needs as your turf or produce. Healthy plants and plant cuttings can benefit from proper biology throughout their life cycles where less nutrition in many instances is available to the plant.

    Home Garden Use

    Plants can only take up as much as it needs and that is if those nutrients are even available for uptake. As flowers and produce need phosphorus to bloom, Enhance MC allows phosphorous to be solubilized into an available nutrient. And if your garden is small enough you could probably share and help everyone’s lawn & garden on the whole block!

    Commercial Operations and Higher Yield Output

    The initial purpose was to create a microbial product that can be cost effective for mass production operations and with a high yield output. Not every plant will need the exact application rate plan given and that is where through our research trials we will create programs for everything grown in a greenhouse.

    Things you should know before use:

    The pH level is 2.57 so please wear protective glasses and gloves. Keep out of reach of children.

    Living microbes - Keep out of direct sunlight or heat and keep above 35 degrees. Best if kept under 70 degrees F

    Unless experienced with Enhance MC use at 1.5 ml per week (0.5 mL 3 times a week) per gallon of water in a mix and feed application or 0.20 mL per gallon of water in a reservoir system unless amending with additional micronutrients.

    Chlorine and Chloramine in the water source may reduce effectiveness of any microbial product. Chloramine can still last in water for over 24 hours. You might not realize that your city water has chlorine or chloramine. It may be reducing the microbial effectiveness in your garden soil and you never knew why your garden doesn’t produce as well as it should.

    All species and strains of plants are different and though low-end application rates work effectively it is up to the grower to find the optimal usage rate. As we get results from our trials, we will be updating options for application rates.


    The pH level is 2.57- we recommend adding Enhance MC prior to adding any pH Down to lower the pH levels. Using up to 4 mL per gallon may bring the pH down to under 5.5 depending on water source and nutrients, and though it will not negatively affect outdoor or indoor growing, pH level is a matter of grower’s preference. If desired, and the application rate calls for 4 mL you may use less if you lower the pH to 5.5 prior to using 4 mL of Enhance MC and do not want to reduce further. General recommended pH level is 5.5-6.2 during grow and bloom phases may be less during cloning.

    Use a dry pipette for under 5 mL of Enhance MC or use other measuring instruments that you keep with the bottle to pour into larger measuring cup.

    Do not cross contaminate bottle it may activate microbes.

    Mix with water and follow application rates.

    Replace cap to bottle as soon as finished as microbes are placed in dormancy when packaged. Oxygen, water and heat can begin to activate microbes.

    Application Rates - See Below 0.5 mL per gallon of water - 1 mL per gallon of water for heavy feeding application depending on desired result. 3 mLs per gallon of water for propagation

    Propagation Application Rates

    There are several different ways to propagate cuttings, in our research trials we will be investigating as many different as possible...

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    Propagation Application Rates


    When only using as Cloning Solution additive



    3 mL of Enhance MC per gallon of water as a pre-soak of your soil or cubes through rooting. If using a Plant Growth Regulator (PGR) like a Clonex Gel use 1 mL of Enhance MC in the process.



    Cloning Solution



    • Add 3 mL per gallon of water in any or all operations including for pre-soaking of soil or cubes, and all watering through rooting process. Enhance MC may be added to misting spray bottles as well, but it works at a higher quality if it gets to the base of the clone.
    • Enhance MC by itself will help to root clones but when getting past 10 days for hemp operations your clones will start to need additional nutrients. We recommend testing as what point you might need additional nutrients and how much,

    Root Dip & Cloning Solution Propagation

      Soil or Rooting Cubes

    Small Operation –

        1. Use 3 mL of Enhance MC per gallon of water, if you have, you can also add 1 mL of GLB Fish (Organic Veg) for additional rooting benefits
        2. Take cutting, make 45-degree angle cut and trim clone, place in solution above for 2-5 minutes.
        3. Place clone in soil or rooting cube
        4. Once done water all clones through the soil is faster than just a straight mist with the same solution above from pre-soak through rooting.


         Large Operation – 

        1. Carrier Solution- make a container with 3 mL of Enhance MC per gallon of water that will be used to take clone cuttings from mother plants to cloning area.
        2. Take cutting, make 45-degree angle cut and trim clone, place in solution above for 2-5 minutes.
        3. Cost and Time Saving Process – at time of initial cutting from mother plant take the initial cut and then make a second final 45 degree angle cut prior to putting in the container used to transport to cloning station.  At cloning station, cloning personnel would only need to trim and place in soil or rooting cube removing the step of dipping in concentrated rooting solution. There are farmers cloning up to 50,000 clones a week and the elimination of even a 1 second process removes over 14 hours of work. Let clones stand in carrier solution 2-5 min at least before trimming and putting in cube.


    Aeroponic or Hydroponic Cloning 

        1. Take cutting, make 45-degree angle cut, trim clone, and put in neoprene puck and put in cloner.
        2. Add 1 mL per gallon of water used in reservoir.



    Indoor Operations Application Rates

    These application rates are based on flowering or fruiting during a 90-120 day cycle. Please understand the species of...

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    Indoor Operations Application Rates


    These application rates are based on flowering or fruiting during a 90-120 day cycle. Please understand the species of plant you are growing and adjust application rates and time frames to the specific species being grown. In addition, due to the 6% Fulvic acid in Enhance MC Microbial it can make all of the nutrients in the soil available which if you are deficient in any nutrients, they may show in the plants so only use as a pre plant where the fulvic acid does not affect the plant.


    ***We recommend GLB Micro for any amount used over 1 mL per week due to the fulvic acid.  Normal recommendation is 0.5 mL 3 times a week and due to the nature of the amount of nutrient uptake into the plant, growers need to reduce the nitrogen application in the last few weeks as 1 week of flush is not enough to pull all nitrogen out of the plant.  We recommend half dose of nitrogen two weeks before and no nitrogen in last week before flush.  It is all based on preference of grower. 



    1.  0.15 mL per gallon of water up to 0.25 mL per gallon but higher doses would need to be in conjunction with GLB Micro to take care of micronutrient deficiencies.


    For all Soil and Soilless Mediums

    1. If transplanting an already rooted plant into soil without prior application of Enhance MC, inoculate at planting with 1 mL per gallon of water.
    2. 0.5 mL per gallon of water 3 x times a week during Vegetative Growth phase once transplanted.
    3. 0.5 mL per gallon of water 3 times a week from start of Bloom phase
    4. 6 mL per gallon of water during Flush if in pots. Due to additional nutrient uptake by the plant, it may take two weeks instead of one on a final flush to see nutrients completely uptake from the leaves.


    Super Soil


    1. 0.5-1 mL through the entire process will give great results and we will side by side versus any other microbial product for bloom enhancement at these numbers. However, we have found some like to use more at the rates below with additional success but only in super soil, do not use these higher application rates in soilless or partial soil mixes as if you have deficiencies in the soil that plant will show those deficiencies. 


    Vegetative Phase

    1. 0.5-1 mL per gallon of water.


    Bloom Phase

    1. 0.5-1 mL per gallon of water


    Flush – if in pots

    1. 6 mL per gallon of water


    Ornamental Horticulture (Floral and Landscaping) Application Rates

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    Ornamental Horticulture (Floral and Landscaping) Application Rates



    1 mL per gallon for areas that can be sprayed with pump sprayers.

    16 oz per acre if for large landscaping

    After Planting

    0.5 mL per gallon of water 1 application per season or month at most unless in conjunction with GLB Micro


    0.5 mL per gallon of water 1 time every 30 days


    Home Garden Use – Hobbyist Limited Feeding Application Rates

    May also follow weekly detailed feeding schedule below or a combination of the home garden and commercial...

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    Home Garden Use – Hobbyist Limited Feeding Application Rates


    1. Detailed commercial operation application rates below for potentially higher quality and better yield.
    2. We recommend using Enhance MC as pre plant application as if used on plants and you do not have enough nutrients the 6% Fulvic acid may make all your nutrients available creating larger plants but if you have deficiencies in nutrients they will show in your plants.
    3. If transplanting an already rooted plant into soil, inoculate at planting with 1 mL per gallon of water or 1 mL of Enhance MC
    4. During season apply to base of plant and based on the amount of nutrients you have for your plants more application for better growth can be applied if in conjunction with GLB Micro
        1. Flowers and landscape – 0.5 mL per gallon of water per season
        2. Fruits and vegetables – 0.5 mL per gallon of water per season

      If only using a compost or local potting soil use only 1 time at the beginning of the season. If using stronger nutrients additional applications can be applied or deficiencies may been seed due to not having the proper nutrients in the soil and the 6% Fulvic acid making everything in the soil available to the plant.

    **Note ** For areas around the country that receive enough rain during the growing season and may not need to water if any or on a limited basis  you may add 1 mL to a smaller amount of water and apply to the base of the plants and root zone area.  1-2 mL applied per 3 feet x 3 feet area prior to planting 

    Field Crops Application Rates

    In relation to field crops, there may be a number of issues that might need to be address...

    Read More

    Field Crops Application Rates


    Field Crops

    In relation to field crops, there may be several issues that might need to be address but from the Enhance MC standpoint, biology is what transforms unavailable nutrients into allowing your plants to have as much as they need while helping to keep your crops healthier.  The field application is at least 16 ounces of Enhance MC per acre before planting.  There also may be times that you want to reapply depending on your irrigation.  In 2019, we will be opening up large operation farming consulting so please email at [email protected] for more information.

    In season applications- Due to the chelation aspects we recommend feeding 16 oz. per acre as many as 2 times through the season if by a drip system but not necessary.

    • 1 acre – 16 ounces of Enhanced MC injected into watering system or riding sprayer.  Depending on if certified organic or not we recommend 8 oz of GLB Brix57 (all natural) as a microbial food source for the microbes to accelerate the replication process.  If Certified Organic or want a higher quality in general apply with at least 32 oz. GLB Liquid Organic Matter per acre.
    • Additional application can be applied during the season at the same or reduced amounts.  Please contact for more information as each situation needs customized application rates.