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    The Most Efficient Process for Mass Plant Cloning from Mother Plants – How to save $1000s by removing the root dip process.


    I spent just under 2 years overseeing a 300-acre farm with 36,000 sq. feet of indoor hemp grow.  At one point there were 7000 mother plants.  All too often in High CBD hemp farms there is the money group that makes decisions, but doesn’t know farming or understand the processes, so people just start working.  Most of the time that leads to just bleeding money.

    My background before hemp dealt with process flow and operations, so while on the farm I wanted to create a way to cut down the time to  create clones.  After moving into the nutrient side of the business we believe GreenLife Biotics has created the way to reduce that process, which will change the way large commercial operations clone their mother plants in the near future.   I know companies that created over 200,000 clones.  One of the companies was at under an 80% survivability rate and there was money pouring out of their processes that they didn’t even realize or if they did, didn’t want to address.

    Before we launched our Enhance MC product I wondered if we actually make an organic product that could compete with the synthetics rooting hormones but also be able to take out the root dip step in the cloning process.  If we could take out one step of the cloning process that only removes 1 second it still would be worth it.  How about 3 seconds?  If you must dip each clone into a gel or solution and you do that process 100,000 times, each second will save your company 27.78 work hours.  So what’s that product worth now?

    Hypothetically, it takes less than a second to dip a clone into a synthetic rooting powder or gel but that’s not reality.  Have you ever been in a cloning room that is doing mass clones?  It’s repetitive and boring, workers are either talking or listening to music and their minds wander, they double or triple dip the clone in the gel. No one can sustain the robot mentality for 8 hours.  Each step we can remove we can have them doing something else or produces more clones per day.

    The problem is most decision makers who don’t know the business don’t analyze their farming operations like any other business.  Most don’t breakdown each step in the process to make the process more efficient because they are just putting out fires without processes in place.  In so doing $1000s and $10,000s are leaking out of the process and rarely do they hit their cloning goal they set for themselves.

    What’s the change?

    You need a product that has the ability to still clone within a 10-12-day period but is a concentrate and will not hurt the clone if it is sitting in the concentration for extended periods of time.  Something that is organic, so all hemp farmers can use it.  The difference is as simple as making the final 45-degree angle cut at the time it is taken off the plant not at the cloning station.

    The current mass cloning process for most is a person taking cuttings, putting them into a small container that can hold 25-50 cuttings, then when the container is full, they take it over to the cloning area where the cloners clean up the leaves and makes the final 45-degree angle cut before dipping into a rooting gel.  From there they put the dipped clone into the soil or root cube.

    The new process would have the rooting concentrate in the initial container that the cuttings go into.  Many already put in some type of nutrient to help the clones survive anyway.  At the time of initial cutting take the same larger cutting they normally would take and make the second 45-degree angle cut to the desired length dropping the excess stem into second trash buck or when feasible make 45-degree angle cut as the first cutting.  Put the cutting in the container that holds the rooting concentrate solution where it may be sitting in that bucket for up to 30-60 minutes or more until it is trimmed up and put in the cube.

    I have seen many cloning operations needing 3 plus weeks to root a clone because of not optimal environments conditions and cloning products but what if we can cut down the rooting process as well as cut down the rooting time.  We feel that in the right environment even on mass cloning 10-14 days is a realistic goal.

    If we can get your three-week process to even 10-14 days how many more clones can you push out in the last few weeks? How much is the current rooting concentrate/cloning solution worth.  It is much more than just the price of the bottle and at the end of the day Enhance MC is still cheaper that any other rooting gel/cloning solution on the market. It pays you money to your bottom line use it.

    Some won’t pay enough attention to the clone environment not realizing sometimes a little more attention and money can save thousands.  If your clone environment is only getting you 75-85% survivability on mass clones with a little effort you may be able to raise that to be at 90%+ so you could create less clones to get to the same goal.  Sometimes you just need someone to assess your propagation processes and environment, and to understand the difference between a cost today compared to 5 times the costs tomorrow by inefficient practices.

    GLB Enhance MC Cloning Process 

    1. Make a container with 3-4 mL of Enhance MC per 1-8 oz of water that will be used to take clone cuttings from mother plants to cloning area.
    2. When taking cuttings use one of two current methods, in both cases do not trim up plant we only want the initial 45-degree angle cut made at this point.
      1. Take the normal cutting then make a second 45-degree angle cut at desired length and put into container with rooting solution. Put excess stem in second waste bucket.
      2. Take initial cutting as final 45-degree angle cut when feasible, most of the time the first cutting cuts additional stem as leaving it may change the regrowth pattern.
    1. Take container with cuttings to cloning station to have leaves trimmed up and placed directly into soil or cubes without the dipping process.
    2. Add 4 mL of Enhance MC per gallon of water to pre-soak soil or rooting cubes and all watering through cloning process. (OR 3 mL of Enhance MC and 1 mL of Liquid Organic matter)
    3. Mass cloning with misting does exist but most water the trays due to the volume of work and the time to properly mist a tray unless automated. Enhance MC can be put into misting bottles as well.
    4. Another result you may find is less of the initial cuttings are unusable. Many times, when the clones get to the cloning station some of the clones are just not cut properly and are thrown away.

    Using 1mL per gallon of Enhance MC on the Mothers during the cloning stage will also help for regrowth of new clones.

    All strains and species of plants should be tested to find out the best application rates as Enhance MC has still made clones in 12 days with the use of 1mL per gallon of water during the cloning solution phase.  Start with 4 mL per gallon of water and test using 3 mL, 2 mL, and 1 mL as when cloning you might not want all clones ready to transplant too early when at the start of the cloning season.

    As we believe this will reduce the process by $1000s this is only the initial effects of Enhance MC on a Hemp farm.  The product was originally made to prep farmland to put the proper biology prior to planting, one gallon treats up to 8 acres.  It can also be used through the Vegetative and Bloom phases directly to the root zone to help to increase yields as well.

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    Greenhouse Products – Enhance MC is less than 0.3% sodium, no heavy metals, Liquid Organic Matter = 12% Humic Acid 8.5 pH, 5-0-0 or GLB Fish 5-1-2, 1-9-9

    Outdoor line of products will include pre and post-harvest microbial products, humates, and much more.

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