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    Breeders Select

    Organic Seed Treatment

    Improves nutrient uptake, provides better root development, and reduced plant stress. It is to be applied at least 14 days prior to germination allowing the treatment to absorb into the seed, which removes the moisture in the pericarp or “fruit coat” surrounding the seed.  This will inhibit fungal pathogens and also support triggering growth systems in the embryo during germination.






    Our seed treatment has additional benefits promoting early vigor of seedlings and for yield application including faster germination and uniform emergence potential as well as additional crop yield potential, due to increased germination rates.


    Apply 6 oz of Breeders Select organic seed treatment per 100 lbs. of seed through liquid dosing seed treatment equipment.



    Based on liquid dosing equipment 1 mL would coat over 1/2 pound of seed but as this will be a less efficient process it still may remain a droplet (1/20th of a mL) coating 300 plus seeds depending on size of the seed.


    Smaller Quantities – Use 1 drop to coat minimal amount of seeds.  If coating 50 seeds or less 1 droplet should be more than enough and could probably be used in a small shot glass or cup. As there would be a higher ratio of liquid for the seed amount it would be relatively a quick process of mixing until all seeds are evenly coated.  You can also add a drop to a small Ziplock bag, add seeds and blow air into the bag sealing it in an creating a small air pouch.  Shake pouch vigorously  until all seeds are evenly coated. For larger amounts mason jars of various corresponding sizes of amount of seeds can be used and once again shake until evenly coated.


    Lay our and dry on parchment paper. News paper or paper towels may be used but as they are more absorbent it may create uneven coats on each seed.


    Once dried put in a container and do not germinate for at least 14 days up to 5 months.


    Samples available  – less efficient than liquid seed dosing equipment


    1/2 oz bottle $5 plus shipping

    2 oz bottle $20.00 plus shipping