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    Brix57 Difference

    Why Brix57 proprietary carbohydrates for microbes creates higher quality plants than any molasses-based carbohydrate product.

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    GLB Brix57 vs. Molasses

    GLB Brix 57 all natural and 1/2 organic and coming soon our 100% Organic Version are not made from sugarcane or sugar beets (molasses) but fructose and glucose from proprietary plant extracts.  It is a proprietary extraction and refining process as well that allows for some of, if not the cleanest, most available fructose and […]

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    Understanding Soil Health: Pre-Planting to Post Harvest

    Through the many farmers and entrepreneurs I have met looking to get into growing hemp, I am finding that a large number have never farmed before and most have not farm hemp, which has some aspects that are uncommon to conventional farming.  As I seem to go over several basic aspects with the farmers I […]

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