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    Amendment Packs

    Pest & Disease Defense - Secondary Metabolites (flavonoids, terpenes and trichomes)

    The picture above is from a watermelon plant. It may not look like any watermelon plant you have seen but when the pest and disease defense is pushing to its higher potential you see hairs just like a tomato plant. We have not even pushed this plant to its potential but we did give it a higher than normal dose of Liquid Organic Matter. What many do not understand is that those same secondary metabolites are the essence of what you are looking for in hemp and cannabinoid production. For as much as you are growing a plant for cannabinoids, you need the proper minor and micro nutrients as well as trace minerals, which are co factors in enzymes that create the higher levels of secondary metabolites.

    Why do we call our amendment packages Grease Packs?  Our amendments, when applied to different crops have the same affect, a healthy plant with above average pest and disease defense.  However, how the plant expresses what our nutrients do is specific to what is being grown.  You can rub the branch of a tomato plant and smell the terpenes on your fingers, where a watermelon may not have the same pungent aroma.


    When it comes to hemp and cannabinoid production, the cannabinoid is a driving force, but the terpenes and flavonoids can steer the car so to speak. Cannabinoids are found within trichomes formed by the same pest and disease defense we have been talking about.  But there is a lack of understanding of where trichomes come for many growers.  As mentioned, your minor nutrients and micronutrients, as well as trace minerals are the key but those have to be converted by the proper community of microorganisms to reach the highest levels. For the sake of the discussion we will call the above group of minerals… micronutrients, as they have some of the largest parts to play for the main secondary metabolites.  Proper available micronutrients are cofactors in enzymes that are needed by the microorganisms to create higher levels of secondary metabolites.  If they don’t have them, they cannot create at the highest levels.


    So the microbes process the micronutrients, but if we want the microbes to be working at their highest level, they need additional energy found in proper, clean carbohydrates.  All of our products are made from a perspective of nutrient efficiency, like pre fabricated parts.  The less work and energy expended by the microbes on basic processes, the more energy they have to raise to higher levels of secondary metabolites.  Our Brix57, which is a 57% natural plant extract, non molasses based product, is our carbohydrate that we will side by side vs ANY OTHER carbohydrate product on the market specific to quality and resin production.  Bottom line, Brix57 feeds the Enhance MC microbes that uses our Micro DS to help with secondary metabolites.


    All lines have micronutrients but are they available at the proper amounts?  How do salts affect availability? When our organic growers put in azomite, how much arsenic is in it? Are they all the correct trace minerals in the proper available amounts?  Every input makes a difference to the plants.  I am not saying that any one product is bad or good, its all subjective to what a consumer thinks of the end product.  However, what we know is for the quality and price of our products, we will put it against the field…


    Before we start the Grease Packs


    If you were to try 1 product to see if we can really do what we say…


    GLB Brix57 all natural and 1/2 organic carbohydrate and coming soon 100% organic GLB Resin57.


    1 mL per gallon on a Hydro or Daily Feed application or 2 mL on a Every Other Day feed. You will see a higher resin density on this product alone. However, to get the initial kick of not only resin but even a higher quality of secondary metabolites, it is the combination of Enhance MC, Micro DS and Brix57.



    Grease Pack #1


    The combination of Enhance MC, GLB Micro DS and GLB Brix57 can amend any line grown in hydroponic rDWC and DTW settings as well as soilless and soil mediums.  The resin that is produced is not like that of molasses based products.  We won’t make claims as it can be seen for yourself the first time you use it in flower.  It creates a grease when applied as amendments to any line that we rarely if ever see except good organic growers and we still help with their resin.


    Enhance MC, in addition to microbes, has 6% fulvic acid. Our 6% is the reason why we can only use Enhance MC at such small doses.  Even at 0.25 ml per gallon daily you will see the plant uptakes more and this can be seen by higher water usage from the first use of the product, but more importantly it can cause a micronutrient deficiency if there are not enough micronutrients in your current recipe.   Enhance MC when used at a high enough dose can cannibalize a plant seen through immediate deficiencies if not used at proper dosages, but that same function also makes it a great product to use to finish plants at the end of flower in cannabinoid production. This is why we pair it with our GLB Micro DS, after a week of using it most if not all growers see a change to leaf structure as the leaves become sharper, more defined.  If this definition is seen it is a visible acknowledgement that your current recipe does not have enough of the proper available nutrients, as if it did you would not see any change to leaf structure. If it affects your leaves we know it will bring a higher quality secondary metabolite to your plant, as it shows that your plant was missing elements for the higher secondary metabolites. 


    Brix57 is our carbohydrate and we do not add anything to it to aid the plant, no additional vitamins or minerals as the purpose of our carbohydrate is to give the plant nutrient efficient fructose and dextrose.  Our plant extracts are proprietary so we do not speak to how it is made but we know that you only need 1 mL per gallon per day to outperform our competition.  We can go to higher levels but what has been found is there is only so much your plants can handle until they will start to excrete carbohydrates through it pours and looks like a honey.  We have tested at twice the amount but it pushed the microbes to such an extent that it may be more than you plant or nutrients can handle at you current recipe application rates. 


    Application Rates


    *** Word of Caution***


    Enhance MC – due to the nature of the fulvic acid, we recommend using Enhance MC in cloning as directed but do not use on seedlings except to pre soak the medium.  Do not use on the seed as it is so potent it may make it pop and use up all its energy without proper pairing of nutrients. 


    In addition, due to how much nutrients get pulled into the plants you will find a larger amount of nitrogen with greener plants at the end of flower.  We recommend for our line to reduce nitrogen in the last few weeks of flower, but for those that cannot or do not want to change their recipe, if you wait until the end you may have to flush for additional time.  If you do not want to change your current recipe we recommend raising the amount of Enhance MC in the last one to two weeks to help “Finish” the plant.


    Brix57 – if you cannot control your humidity or are growing outside we do not recommend more than 1-3 mL of Brix57 max total per week as it may create enough resin where high humidity will create bud rot at the end of the flower. Normally we do not recommend using Brix57 or any sugar in the vegetative or first two weeks in flower, only starting day 15 of flower if you are looking to stack the nodes and flower buds. There are exceptions, if you know your strain/species and understand that it will not stretch during the first two weeks, or if you cannot control your humidity we recommend to use Brix57 day 1 of flower which will create a larger internodal spacing with more room for air flower between flowers helping some with late flower moisture issues.




    **Note- most hydroponic growers are wary about any microbial and especially a microbial with a carbohydrate in their reservoir. We do not know every environment but what we do know is with the small application rates and how clean the products are we do not get the same biofilm than other products on the market get. We always recommend to start at the smallest dose. We do not sell water or salts and more is not better with our nutrients in many cases.  Just because most every other line waters down their nutrients, don’t push our nutrients if you have never used before.


    Daily Feeds

    Deep Water Culture (rDWC) and Drain To Waste (DTW)  – Per gallon multiple daily feeds

    0.15-.25 mL Enhance MC  (Vegetative through Flower cycle)

    0.10-0.125 mL GLB Micro (Vegetative through Flower cycle)

    0.5-1.0 mL GLB Brix57  ( Day 15 of Flower unless humidity issues then Day 1 for additional internodal spacing)


    Soilless Mediums


    The two predominate soilless mediums are coco coir and peat moss.


    Every Other Day Feeding ( cut rates in half for every day feeds see hydroponic rates)

    0.35-0.50 mL Enhance MC  (Vegetative through Flower cycle)  Maximum 1.75 mL per week

    0.20-0.25 mL GLB Micro (Vegetative through Flower cycle)  Maximum 0.85-1 mL per week

    2.0 mL GLB Brix57  ( Day 15 of Flower unless humidity issues then Day 1 for additional internodal spacing) Max 7 mL per week




    Soils range from 50/50 soil mixes up to super soils and there is a variation.  Most true super soils do not need much micro nutrient until you get into flower. This is the only time we recommend using Enhance MC by itself in the vegetative and early flower state.  Unless you have built your own soil or its something like a Fox Farm Ocean Forest which many may describe as hot and not cut with anything most soil if we use Enhance MC at 1 mL will show deficiencies within 30 days of being used which may still be in Veg phase.  Super soils can last into early to mid flower with some smaller micro ds amendments. Growers must watch their plants see what is going on.

    50/50 mix or up to a light to medium mix

    Every Other Day Feeding ( cut rates in half for every day feeds see hydroponic rates)

    0.50 mL Enhance MC  (Vegetative through Flower cycle)  Maximum 1.75 mL per week

    0.15-0.25 mL GLB Micro (Apply 1 time in early veg  0.25 mL per gallon then once you start to see deficiencies use smaller dose in late Vegetative through Flower cycle)  Maximum 0.85-1 mL per week.

    2.0 mL GLB Brix57  ( Day 15 of Flower unless humidity issues then Day 1 for additional internodal spacing) Max 7 mL per week


    Super Soil

    Every Other Day Feeding ( cut rates in half for every day feeds see hydroponic rates)

    0.50-1 mL Enhance MC  (Vegetative through Flower cycle)  Maximum 3.5 mL per week

    0.15-0.25 mL GLB Micro (Apply 1 time in early veg  0.25 mL per gallon then once you start to see deficiencies use smaller dose which may not be until Flower cycle)  Maximum 0.85-1 mL per week.

    2.0 mL GLB Brix57  ( Day 15 of Flower unless humidity issues then Day 1 for additional internodal spacing) Max 7 mL per week



    Finishing Plants


    When you are trying to pull out the chlorophyll and pull more into the flower from the leaf Enhance MC is great for basically cannibalizing the fan and sugar leaves but you do not want to pull too much out of the leaf and this is when growers can use too much.  We have growers that have been using it for over two years and understand what their plants can and cannot do through trial and error.  We do not recommend going to high but we do have growers in super soils that use 3-4 mL of Enhance MC per gallon or more at the end and flush.  We would recommend if you are looking to use Enhance MC as a finishing product start at the lowest recommended dose and work your way up at your own risk.  Each super soil is different just because a grower you watch on Instagram uses higher numbers don’t assume your plants and soil are the same.  Coco and Peat or even a basic soil will be out of most nutrients by mid flower so test at the lowest recommended dosages first. 


    Non Super Soil and Soilless Mediums

    1-2 mL per gallon in the last week through flush


    Super Soils

    1-4 mL last 2 weeks plus flush


    Grease Pack # 2


    In addition to the 3 products above we can change the taste of the smoke and have in the past raised the cannabinoid levels with the addition of our PK Boost Bloom Accelerant 0.5-17-17. This product has 0.03% sodium and no nitrates. When added to reservoirs or recipes it will not raise the ppms very much as well.  Each grower has their preference to when they start a PK boost where we have found that because of pulling out the salts we do not have the same issues as other PK boosts with regards to lock out.  We start using our PK boost at week 1 and of all of our products this is the highest application rate of any when used at a full dose.  In hydro or a daily rez feed we use Bloom Accelerant at 1-3 mL.  We usually have growers start with 1 mL and ramp up as we do not know what other products you are using.  We have most of our growers in a coco or soil setting using the 3 mL daily (6 mL every other day feed) but because our products are so clean without salts we want to make sure there are no issues so in Hydro we recommend 1 mL to start before pushing to higher levels.  We push from week 1 until flush at the 3mL daily feed and do not raise or lower.  We find that when used in combination with Enhance MC, GLB Micro DS and GLB Brix57 not only will you get a cleaner and stronger end product your plants will finish without losing any yield up to 5 days faster than normal. This may not seem like much but when you are continually cycling you gain a whole grow cycle over a year to year and a half.


    The affect on the plants are noticeable with additional trichome production as well as if you test your flower you may see higher % of cannabinoids.  In addition, the more GreenLife products a grower uses they find that the actual smoking of flower is a much smoother experience. You don’t know how salts affect flavor and experience until you have had flower that is grown with less salts.


    Bloom Accelerant 0.5-17-17

    Enhance MC Microbial

    GLB Mico DS

    GLB Brix57



    Grease Pack #3


    This amendment pack is more for Soil and Coco users that hand water hoever we do have growers that use in Hydro DWC. They have been used in drip emitter settings as well but at small doses they the Liquid Organic Matter and the GLB Roots2Shoots are truly organic products that can cling to equipment at higher dosages but give another level of quality to the plants.


    In addition to the products above: Enhance MC, Micro, Brix57 and Bloom Accelerant there are two additional products that definitely make a difference but as mentioned due to the nature of the products they are harder to use in a drip system.


    Liquid Organic Matter is actually our best product, especially in field use, but the very nature of it makes it difficult to use in a hydro set up due to its properties. Liquid Organic Matter is what the very name implies. It is a mined lignite ore but what makes it a little different is how we process it and the components that make it up.  We do not guarantee any of the trace minerals in it so its not on the label. It has a high Anion and Cation Exchange Capacity so the most visible benefit is that is hold additional water in the soil, but the affects are much greater than that.  It clings to the root system and holds nutrients in the rhizosphere. It mitigates  a number of stresses including salt, heat and cold.  You will see that in indoor settings your stems that are in direct light will begin to turn reddish but only where the light is directly hitting the branch or stem, the under side or if a portion of the stem is covered it will still be green.


    This reddish pigment is a flavonoid called Anthocyanin that replaces the chlorophyll when the plant senses ultra violet or excessive heat damage. Many growers do not understand that all indoor plants at close range to lights gets UV damage or excessive heat damage but their plants cannot respond because they do have the proper micronutrients and trace minerals to create the large enough amounts of the flavonoid.  In addition the anthocyanin flavonoid absorbs blue and green light waves and reflects red so that is where the reddish pigment comes from.  Chlorophyll absorbs blue and red and reflects green that is why you see your plants as green. Normally your plant will not absorb green light without this flavonoid production.  In addition most do not know the extent that flavonoids play in the overall affect of cannabinoids but its greater than you think. Liquid Organic Matter raises the quality of all secondary metabolites and reduces the stresses to the plant in a number of ways so the plant gets closer to what the genetic potential is.  We use in reservoirs at only 0.1 mL doses just so it does not clog or stain a growers rez, but it should be used closer to at least 1.5-2 mL or more per gallon in the best settings.


    **Attention**  We have replaced the non organic S.O. 17 sulfur pebbles as the last product as we have created our new organic

    GLB Roots2Shoots 2-1-2.  Though it is a root accelerant in propagation, veg and early flower by week 4 it only works on the flowering process and is used strictly for its health benefits in amino acids, organic acids and GLB Fish. this is the only place we are going to put it but we have found it has a naturally higher sulfur content in an organic and liquid form and we feel it is a better fit for this GreasePack.

    The S.O 17 can still be purchased in a 2 oz. bottle for $3.00 and would still add additional benefits as it is 22% Calcium and 17% sulfur.


    Liquid Organic Matter  0.1 mL-2+ mL depending on the setting.

    GLB Roots2Shoots   0.25-1 mL depending on setting and how often watered in.

    Bloom Accelerant 0.5-17-17

    Enhance MC microbial

    GLB Micro DS

    GLB Brix57