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    Creating Products with Secondary Metabolites in Mind

    Nutrient Efficiency

    The founding principle of our products is Nutrient Efficiency, to improve soil structure and chelation of nutrients for healthier plants. The highest potential of any plant is maximizing the secondary metabolites which include flavonoids and terpenes within the plant.

    GLB Clean Farming

    Organic Nutrients have always been associated as clean farming. People assume "organic" means clean with no pesticides or heavy metals, but that's not always the case. As growers are educated, they will find that GLB All natural, Organic and GLB Clean mineral based nutrients are as clean or cleaner than most if not all "organic" soils. It's time to find out what you are growing with, and how clean your food really is. GLB products have almost zero salts to make all our nutrient and microbial products completely available to the plant.

    GLB Manufacturing

    We pull the salts and heavy metals from our ingredients to make our products some of the cleanest in the industry. The low salts (as low as 0.01%), as well as the biotic and abiotic stress reducing amendments help to allow for less stress, and let plants grow to their potential in both quality and yield. The raw ingredients are some of the highest quality in the industry and GLB does not use any short cuts in any of our products. The fish are caught specifically for our fish product, not leftovers from another business. Our microbe carbohydrates, are not left over from the sugar industry.

    ROI-Change the Hydroponic Industry Pricing Dynamic

    U.S. raw ingredients and U.S. manufacturing. The growers in the hydroponic industry pay too much for proper nutrients. A change is coming for quality concentrated nutrients. GLB is bringing Better products at Better pricing.


    Blogs on Understanding the Relationship between Microbes, Nutrients and Plants and how that affects their end product.

    Helping growers on why and how their plants create quality and yield. The more the average grower understands the basic concepts, the better choices they start to make on how and what they use to grow.

    GLB Brix57 proprietary carbohydrates vs Molasses?

    GLB Brix 57 and coming soon GLB Plant Nectar are not made from sugarcane or sugar beets(molasses) but from proprietary plant extracts of fructose and glucose. It is a proprietary extraction and refining process as well that allows for some of, if not the cleanest most available fructose and glucose for microbial uptake on the market.

    All Natural, Organic & GLB Clean Mineral Amendments

    New Products Rolling Out by 2/1/2022




    Better Products…Better Pricing Per Gallon!




    Concentrated…We Don’t Sell Salts or Water!



    •  Amendments based on the highest expression of secondary metabolites, and the fact we pull out almost all salts…. you can taste and smell the difference in your food/medicine.


    •  Amend without changing your current nutrient recipe and get a higher quality finished product. As we said, we don’t sell water or salts, but we also pull out heavy metals so our products are concentrated, clean and you can see and taste the difference in anything you are growing.


    •  Low salts  0.03% and less for our GLB Clean Mineral based allows for low ppms in Hydroponic systems, but work just as well in soils.  Our microbes and Brix57 carbohydrate are so clean they are made for soil but can be used in hydroponic reservoirs without the biofilm that others have. In addition, it will make your plants feed more as well as raise the secondary metabolites (terpenes, trichomes and flavonoids) above molasses based (sugarcane or sugar beet) products. Our Liquid Organic Matter can help to add even higher quality organic secondary metabolites to mix and feed soil, or soilless systems.


    •  GLB Amendments can start out as add-on products to your current line of nutrients, you don’t need to worry about changing anything but with better, cleaner, higher quality results. Once you have tried them then all you need is a base nutrient with calcium and magnesium and our Grease Pack#2 or Grease Pack #3 will replace everything you need to grow the highest quality plants.  We have applied out nutrients to every major line, many minor lines and a lot of custom blends and they work they same but as we all know genetics and environment make a difference. Every input, which includes environment, affects final fruit or flower.  The closer we can get you to the genetic potential of the plant the higher the quality of your end product.







    • Low PPMs when amending high salt non GLB nutrient solutions


    • Greasy high trichomes and resin content


    • Clean mineral based nutrients


    • Low application rates


    Check out our amendments package page for more information on how they can work with your current program.


    GreasePack #1 –  raises quality of any line. Enhance MC microbes, Micro DS and GLB Brix57


    GreasePack #2 – Adds additional cofactors for enzymes to raise quality higher. Enhance MC microbes, Micro DS, GLB Brix57 and Bloom Accelerant PK Boost 0.5-17-17.


    GreasePack #3 – Builds size and yield and contributes to higher cannabinoid content. Enhance MC microbes, Micro DS, GLB Brix57, Bloom Accelerant 0.5-17-17, and Liquid Organic Matter


    1) Enhance MC Microbial – Propagation, shortens nodes in veg for stacking in flower, higher quality roots, helps uptake of nutrients and bloom enhancer with 6% Fulvic Acid.


    2) * Enhance MC Kelp 0-0-0.50   For foliar potassium uptake and we reduced the Fulvic Acid to 0.2% from 6% so it will not push organic       growers soil as hard and allow for less immediate uptake of micronutrients like our original Enhance MC.


    3) GLB Brix57 – Heavy Greasy Resin and Trichomes especially compared to molasses. 1 mL will compare to 10+ mL of molasses.


    4) Bloom Accelerant 0-17-17 PK Booster – 0.03% sodium extremely low ppms.


    5) GLB Micro DS – Will raise the quality of secondary metabolites (flavonoids, trichomes, terpenes, pest and disease pressure resistance) at 0.20 mL per gallon of water every other day mix and feed or 0.10 mL per gallon in a reservoir based system.


    6) Liquid Organic Matter will raise quality of all secondary metabolites.  Side by Side vs any humic acid or Leonardite based product. Mix and Feed Only (no drip emitters) can be used in some Drain to Waste situations speak with GLB representative)


    7) GLB Fish 5-0.75-1


    8) S.O. 17  Sulfur pebbles


    Coming Soon


    9) GLB Roots2Shoots  3-1-1 Organic Clone Dip, promotes Root System, Shoot System and Secondary Metabolite support – Updated Formula – used for clones, seedlings and transplants, veg and flower until flush. (samples available waiting on final testing for labels)


    10) GLB Breeders Select Organic Seed Treatment – 6 oz can coat 100 lbs of seed. Small sample size will be made available for smaller growers. 1/2 oz and 2 oz samples will be available for small growers.



    Contact us and let us know your current system and nutrient recipe for free consulting on best amendments for highest quality: [email protected]

    Let’s talk about heavy metals, and why do very few if any nutrient companies show you what’s in their products? In all GLB products, including GLB Clean Mineral based products, we pull salts and heavy metals out.  We don’t cover it up, nobody is perfect, but you should know what you are putting into your plants. Check our heavy metals results at

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